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    卑诗省公布今年14名卑诗勋章得主 Ryan Reynolds榜上有名(图)

    今日是BC Day,卑诗省政府今天公布14名卑诗勋章得主,荷里活明星Ryan Reynolds也是其中之一。

    卑诗勋章是省府颁发表扬省民贡献的最高荣誉。14名卑诗勋章得主只有Ryan Reynolds居住的地点不在卑诗省,他居住在纽约。


    * Evanna Brennan of Vancouver

    * Dr. Jane Buxton of Vancouver

    * Pieter R. Cullis, OC, of Vancouver

    * Samuel L. Feldman of Vancouver

    * Gordon J. Fyfe of Saanich

    * Susan Giles of Vancouver

    * Byng Giraud of Winlaw

    * Chief Councillor Harold Leighton of Prince Rupert

    * Susan E. Paish, KC, of North Vancouver

    * George C. Reifel, MGC, of Vancouver

    * Ryan Reynolds of New York, N.Y.

    * Daljit Thind of Vancouver

    * Patricia Woroch of Surr

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