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    列治文山市府今日表示,将于5月13日上午10时至下午4时举办「门户开放」( Doors Open)。市府表示,这是市府自2019年以来,再次举办「门户开放」。


    · Thomas Boynton House Art Exhibition Space

    · Burr House Spinners and Weavers Guild and Hill Potters’ Guild

    · St. Mary and St. Joseph Coptic Orthodox Church

    · Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church

    · St. Mary’s Anglican Church

    · Phyllis Rawlinson Park

    · Richmond Hill Heritage Centre (Amos Wright House)

    · Artifact Collections Storage at the Operations Centre

    · Richmond Hill David Dunlap Observatory

    图为 Richmond Hill David Dunlap Observatory。(明报图片)

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